Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Core Cushion with Down and Feather Wrap *

Start with carefully cut foam borders, topper and bottom.
Spring core fits inside, foam masks the edges of the springs.

Apply 3M Super 77 to make foam box with springs inside.

Wrap foam/spring unit with Dacron 91 sewn one side
like a birthday present. Finish edges with staples.

Fluffy, soft down and feather filled envelope fits
around spring/foam/Dacron unit. Zip it up.

High crown, super comfortable, fluffable,
the Spring Core/Down and Feather Cushion!

* please note that this type of cushion is very soft

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Check out our scrap foam being used in to break Adam Savage's fall in the recent Mythbusters' episode Dumpster Diving.

We are in The New York Times!

Cushion Works is mentioned in the Home Section for 7/22/10! Read down to the section about Kasie Maxwell and her San Francisco menagerie.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mid Century Modern Cushions - Keep 'em Flat

For seat cushions we usually wrap the foam core with a soft material such as polyester or a down/feather filled envelope. The purpose of this is to tighten the cover and eliminate wrinkles. However, some furniture styles require a leaner, flatter look, and because foam is cut with a straight blade and has perfectly flat surfaces, it can be a challenge to fill a cover with just foam and have the cover be snug in all directions.

The covers shown here have foam only inserts. To make the covers tight, we cut the foam about a half an inch thicker than the boxing panel on the cover. Not all covers will allow for this approach though.