Wednesday, June 12, 2013


We frequently have customers who are looking for very special pillows. They are the jewelry that completes the outfit so to speak. The covers are exquisite fabrics and trims that may evoke another time or place in personal history, or be the splash of color that ties everything together.  The common ground for these gems is the blend of down and feather that we manufacture to support the cover.  

We recently discovered these beautifully rendered pen and ink drawings of down pillows that were made by the 22 year old Albert Dürer in 1493.  We are delighted to see that nothing really has changed in the look of the down pillow, and that the pillows we make today, with a little use, look just like the pillows of 500 years ago.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Self-portrait, Study of a Hand and a Pillow (recto); Six Studies of Pillows (verso)